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September 23 2017


damn wow thats fukin sad when all your art is of the same subject fu c k

twochomphuahuas replied to your post:
O vO

i gotta… make him Streamlined


i should do more with vernice,,,,,,,


on one hand, im mad i did so much work into art for a blog im just gonna close but on the other i mean i technically learned some stuff so i guess theres that

September 18 2017


How to do “extra” facial expressions!



Drawing basic facial expressions is not the hardest. Most people can draw a sad face, a happy face, angry etc., but making more multidimensional expressions is more of a challenge. I have gotten a lot of compliments on how I draw facial expressions, (specifically “angsty ones”) telling me that they are very dramatic and well… expressive! And there are actually only a few things I think about when I draw faces that take them to the next level, so I thought i’d illustrate them all here!

SUPER IMPORTANT TIP BEFORE WE START: Look at your own face when you draw faces. Even making the face when you are drawing (you don’t even have to look at it), will give you some sense of how the face muscles pull and where things fold and stretch, because you can feel it. You are the best reference when it comes to facial expressions!


Draw the head in an angle that matches the expressions you want to make. It is not a requirement, but is going to add to the effect.


Symmetry vs asymmetry 

A face is rarely symmetric. Unless the face the character is making is 100 % relaxed or even dissociating, the eyebrows, mouth and facial muscles will have different placements of their respective side. This image shows the dramatic impact asymmetry has on a face: 


That’s the difference between a smile and a smirk!


The first one’s like “oh yeah?” and the second is like “oH YEAH??”

The “balloon squishing principle”

This is something I did subconsciously, and I didn’t know about until I made this tutorial. And this principle goes hand in hand with an asymmetric face. Basically, if you squish one part of the face, you need to even out the empty space by “inflating” the other part of the face so that it doesn’t appear shrunken. The picture hopefully explains it:


Don’t forget to add the gum when the mouth is open to its full potential!


Squinting and folding

Adding folds around the eyes when a character is squinting makes a HUGE difference. It makes a smile more genuine and a growl more intimidating. Adding folds to the face in general makes your characters more lifelike and ‘visually relatable’. Like, they look human, and less plastic or fake.


and so on..

Pupils and irises 

The placement of the iris and pupil in relation to the eyelids is very important! The less of the white you see, the more relaxed the character is. 


And then of course eyebrows and eyes go hand in hand!


Gestures, spitting, sweating… 

Adding more elements than just a face is key to making the character actually look like they are feeling what you want them to feel. Just the tiniest sweat drop adds to their anxiety, spitting adds frustration to their rage, slouching shoulders, waving hands, a double chin, extreme angles, the list goes on! Add whatever and see what kind of impact it makes! Does it do the trick? Great! Add it! 

Over exaggeration!! 

Remember that you can almost always exaggerate more. Don’t be afraid to do draw “too much” because you’re just experimenting. See what works and what doesn’t. What do you like to exaggerate?


Now that you know some theory, it’s time to practice!


The 25 Essential Expressions (a classic! I’ve done it multiple times)

And the one I do when I’m bored:

Fill a page with circles and fill them in with different expressions. Try and exaggerate as much as you can! 

This is mostly for experimenting. They are quicker to draw than complete faces, but the same rules should apply!

And that’s about it!

I don’t know if I covered everything in this tutorial, since some things might be obvious for me, and this post perhaps only scratches the surface. So feel free to send me a message if you want an explanation about something more in depth! Thank you for reading! And now DRAW!!! ✨🎨


September 16 2017


September 09 2017

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i made a harpy woman,,,,,,,, ggggg,,

August 28 2017


art cheats



hello i am here today to not lose track of the art cheats i have discovered over the years. what i call art cheat is actually a cool filter/coloring style/way to shade/etc. that singlehandedly makes art like 20 times better

80’s anime style

glitch effect

glow effects

adding colors to grayscale paintings

foreshortening ( coil )

foreshortening ( perspective )

clipping group (lines)

clipping group (colors)

dramatic lighting ( GOOD )

shading metal

lighting faces

that is all for today, do stay tuned as i am always hunting for cool shit like this

guys stop reblogging this these are cheats the CIA will come for you

August 26 2017

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Quick Tip: Don’t know how to draw an expression on certain angle? Grab yourself a mirror and depending on how you place it you can get the same expression in two different angles! (I think this might work with two mirrors so you get three angles at the same time but I guess that would require an extra hand)

August 17 2017

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“Wh…Where am I…?”

August 09 2017

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~*~*~*~@wonderweird Happy Birthday!!!!~*~*~*~

July 25 2017


honestly im just looking for excuse to draw pomme in the skimpyest outfits possible

July 21 2017



Person A *unbuttoning shirt* : god it’s so hot in here

Person B : I know that but why are you unbuttoning my shirt ?

July 20 2017

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Tell your boyfriend… If he says he’s got beef…

That I’m a vegetarian,

and I ain’t fuckin’ scared a’ him.

July 13 2017

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Just in case you forget this exists.

It exists.

With those “when you want to design a character but you don’t know color theory” posts flying around I thought this would be relevant again.


there’s also Coolors website that gives you randomized palettes!


Don’t forget ColourLovers, either! It’s a social media-esque site where you can browse tons of palettes and share your own.

You can browse the most popular ones or search for certain colors, themes, and even specific hex codes!

When you find one you like, you can download a wallpaper swatch of it and also select the specific colors it uses to look at more palettes that use those same ones.

ColourLovers is my go-to for when I’m having trouble coming up with a color scheme! It’s also been around for over a decade, so there’s plenty to browse through.

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July 02 2017

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im too shy to post this where anyone can see it but,,,, 

July 01 2017


June 21 2017

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i did hollys drawing challenege and i….hhggg..,,,,

June 19 2017


reblog if you're an artist who's down to do art trades with mutuals


I want some art pals to share with yo ┗(^0^)┓

June 18 2017



a safer way to overshare: project onto a fictional character so hard that sharing your headcanons is basically exposing your deepest secrets, but it’s fine, because no one has to Know

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