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April 24 2018

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my friend helped me think of a new main url and…. it inspired some Very Good ideas…..

April 21 2018


the little hell demon in my brain: no one cares about your stupid bullshit story its dumb and SELF SERVING

me: well damn i care -hair flip- and im the only bitch who matters in this situation

April 12 2018



more on writing muslim characters from a hijabi muslim girl

- hijabis get really excited over pretty scarves
- they also like to collect pins and brooches
- we get asked a lot of questions and it can be annoying or it can be amusing, just depends on our mood and personality and how the question is phrased
- common questions include:
- “not even water?” (referring to fasting)
- hijabis hear a lot of “do you sleep in that?” (we don’t) and “where is your hair?” (in a bun or a braid, usually)
- “is it mooze-slim or mozzlem?” (the answer is neither, it’s muslim, with a soft s and accent on the first syllable)
- “ee-slam or iz-lamb?” (it’s iss-laam, accent on the first syllable)
- “hee-job?” (heh-jahb, accent on the second syllable)

- “kor-an?” (no. quran. say it like koor-annn, accent on the second syllable)
- people tend to mess up our names really badly and you just get a sigh and a resigned nod or an awkward smile, maybe a nickname instead
- long hair is easy to hide, short hair is harder to wrap up
- hijab isn’t just covering hair, it’s also showing as little skin as possible with the exception of face, hands, and feet, and not wearing tight/sheer clothing
- that applies to men too, people just don’t like to mention it ( i wonder why)
- henna/mehendi isn’t just for special occasions, you’ll see people wearing it for fun
- henna/mehendi isn’t just for muslims, either, it’s not a religious thing
- henna/mehendi is not just for women, men also wear it, especially on their weddings
- there are big mehendi parties in the couple of nights before eid where people (usually just women and kids) gather and do each other’s mehendi, usually just hands and feet
- five daily prayers
- most muslim kids can stutter through a couple verses of quran in the original arabic text by the age of seven or eight, it does not matter where they live or where they’re from or what language they speak natively
- muslim families tend to have multiple copies of the quran
- there are no “versions” of the quran, there has only ever been one. all muslims follow the exact same book
- muslims have no concept of taking God’s name in vain, we call on God at every little inconvenience
- don’t use islamic phrases if you don’t know what they mean or how to use them. we use them often, inside and outside of religious settings. in islam, it is encouraged to mention God often and we say these things very casually, but we take them very seriously
- Allahu Akbar means “God is Greatest” (often said when something shocks or surprises us, or if we’re scared or daunted, or when something amazing happens, whether it be good or bad; it’s like saying “oh my god”)
- Subhan Allah means “Glory be to God” (i say subhan Allah at the sky, at babies, at trees, whatever strikes me as pleasant, especially if it’s in nature)
- Bismillah means “in the name of God” and it’s just something you say before you start something like eating or doing your homework
- In Shaa Allah means “if God wills” (example: you’ll be famous, in shaa Allah) (it’s a reminder that the future is in God’s hands, so be humble and be hopeful)

- Astaghfirullah means “i seek forgiveness from Allah” and it’s like “god forgive me”
- Alhamdulillah means “all thanks and praise belong to God” and it’s just a little bit more serious than saying “thank god” (example: i passed my exams, alhamdulillah; i made it home okay, alhamdulillah)
- when i say we use them casually, i really mean it
- teacher forgot to assign homework? Alhamdulillah
- our version of “amen” is “ameen”
- muslims greet each other with “assalamu alaikum” which just means “peace be on you” and it’s like saying hi
- the proper response is “walaikum assalam” which means “and on you be peace” and it’s like saying “you too”

February 26 2018


February 16 2018



if you’re doing black edits of a character please please please use a color palette for reference so your edit doesn’t end up looking racist (like orange/red) here are some good ones 

January 13 2018

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I was talking with some pals last night, and Mike told me that he got better at drawing by staring at this image until he “understood it.” (from Eric Goldberg’s “Character Animation Crash Course”)

The first image is drawing anatomical/construction first, gesture second. The second image is drawing the gesture/expression first, then the anatomy second. The first image produces stiff character acting, the second image produces explosive character acting.

I’m gonna stare at it too until I understand it. Come on, stare with me. 

December 30 2017


my art is just a shitty mashup of yoshizaki and homestuck

November 12 2017






For artists who have problems with perspective (furniture etc.) in indoor scenes like me - there’s an online programm called roomsketcher where you can design a house/roon and snap pictures of it using different perspectives.

It’s got an almost endless range of furniture, doors, windows, stairs etc and is easy to use. In addition to that, you don’t have to install anything and if you create an account (which is free) you can save and return to your houses.

Examples (all done by me):

Here’s an example for how you can use it

Great find, thanks!


Bless you!!!!


November 03 2017

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heres a skintone pallete!!! feel free to rb/use it!!!

left to right = light to dark
top to bottom = warm to cool

October 28 2017

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inktober day 27. im??? love my husband????????

October 14 2017

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inktober day 13! doing something a little different today since its been a tiring few days and i dearly miss my gals over at Toad Squad. so heres our homegirl toadette doing a lil r&r

@serahdreamy @game-of-scones

October 12 2017


art cheats


hello i am here today to not lose track of the art cheats i have discovered over the years. what i call art cheat is actually a cool filter/coloring style/way to shade/etc. that singlehandedly makes art like 20 times better

80’s anime style

glitch effect

glow effects

adding colors to grayscale paintings

foreshortening ( coil )

foreshortening ( perspective )

clipping group (lines)

clipping group (colors)

dramatic lighting ( GOOD )

shading metal

lighting faces

that is all for today, do stay tuned as i am always hunting for cool shit like this

October 11 2017

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tattlelog #10: “Wow! Tubba’s Castle sure looks different from the last time we were here huh? Wonder if he’s still around… Hey, that’s a new face! She seems friendly enough, let’s ask her for help!”

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day 9! love bites, but so do i~

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day 8! do yall remember the cute little pomeranian kb introduced to pomme like over a year ago?? no???? well she still kinda hangs around tubbas place (as a ROOMMATE not a PET of course) but she doesnt do much but sleep and get love and affection from pomme and tubba

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inktober day 7! witchy wife! helping the locals with a little bit of charm and magic~

October 07 2017

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inktober day 6! bard pomme! id love to play a dnd campaign as pomme tbh i used a sparkly gen pen for this one! hope yall can tell

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inktober day 5! gooey pomme! i.. remembered how much i love drawing slime ppl

October 05 2017

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inktober day 4! older beans! no color for this one i didnt have the markers to match :C

one of the triplets is named marigold….

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inktober day 3! BABIES!!! i had to get them out of my system early… im still getting the hang of these fancy markers

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